Specialty Extinguishers

Specialty Rechargeable Fire Extinguishers

Water FX

2.5 Gal

The Shield Water FX extinguisher provides effective and economical protection for common combustible fires. The extinguisher uses ordinary water as its extinguishing agent and can be pressurized with regular air, making recharging the extinguisher simple and economical. It is shipped empty for filling and pressurizing on site. Wall hook included.

Certifications: A Rated, UL Listed 2A, DOT Compliant

High Flow

10 lb Purple K

Shield High Flow extinguishers are specially suited to meet the demands of industrial applications where NFPA 10 requires the installation of high flow extinguishers where hazards such as pressurized flammable liquids, pressurized gas, or three dimensional fires exist. It is a potassium bicarbonate based extinguishing agent, with a wall hook included.

Certifications: BC Rated, UL Listed 20B:C, DOT Compliant

water fx specs
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